Adam Bobat

Adam first picked up a cue at the age of five in a pub in Fareham. He kept nagging Mo, his Dad, to play a game of pool. After much nagging Mo agreed and gave Adam a £1 to play. He has continued to play since that day.

2010/2011 season:

He finished in seventeen position in the English Premier Tour, after being promoted from the regional.

Won the under 30's Portsmouth Championship - recorded the highest break of 141 in the first round of the comp.

2010/2009 season:

Finalist of the English Under 14 championship

Semi-finalist of the English Under 16 championship

Quarter finalist of the English Under 19 Championship

Promoted from the regional to the English Premier Tour

Finalist of the Under 15 ~Junior Festival at Pontins


His first game of snooker was on his 6th birthday here at Fareham Snooker Club when he could barely reach the table, but after proving that he could hold the cue and pot a few balls, he was joined up as a junior member.

Adam has played older members of Fareham snooker club such as JJ Tarrant, Steve Warn, Greg Wooden and Rebecca Clements, and they have all helped him along the way.

In October 2003 when the club suffered a fire, Adam had to use other snooker clubs in the area. This provided him with the experience of entering different competitions and also competing against other good junior players.

Fareham snooker club was re-opened in January 2004 by Jimmy White and John Virgo and Adam was given the great opportunity of playing against Jimmy White.

After the re-opening if the club, Serena and Miki supported Adam by allowing him to have free table practice, so from the age of eight, Adam has been practising about 23 hours a week. We are hoping that through Adam's dedication he will someday become a champion.















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